Magical transparent PNG with color

Create your own magical transparent PNG. Specify two image files and press the "Create magical transparent image" button. A transparent PNG file (a partially transparent image whose background can be seen through) will be output, so please copy or save it for use.

  • The output will be a pale colored image, so I recommend using an image with as much saturation and contrast as possible.
  • View on a display with a gamma value of 2.2.If the gamma value is not 2.2, the other image will be visible.
  • If the other picture is visible, turn on "Shuffle pixels" to reduce the problem.
  • The screen display will not change, but if you create it with "x2", you will be able to download an image enlarged twice in height and width.

↓At the bottom of the page, there is a video explaining how to use it and how it works.

Select colors and size

Image size: px

Image 1


Image 2