About paper cutouts

You can cut out anything as long as you have image data.

Step 1: Upload image file

Step 2: Select your favorite from the candidates

If you want to make fine adjustments, press the "Darker" or "Brighter" buttons. If you press the "See more" button, additional suggestions will appear.

Step 3: Place your order/Create paper cutouts

Once you place your order, we will use a laser cutting machine to create a cutout according to your design and send it to you.

Supplement 1: Detailed settings

When uploading an image file, you can change the following two points from the "Advanced Settings" item.


Lowering the value will result in a rougher pattern, and increasing the value will result in a finer pattern. If you are using it as a draft for a cutout that you create manually using a cutter, it may be better to reduce the value to a certain extent.

paper color

You can choose to make it with black paper or white paper.

Supplement 2: Points to note when using

  • It supports images in jpg, png, and gif format. The content of the image can be anything, such as photos, illustrations, etc.
  • Please do not upload image data that you do not have the right to process, edit, or modify.
  • There are no particular restrictions set by this site regarding how to use the image data of the completed image of the paper cutout after conversion. There is no problem in using it as a draft for making paper cutouts by hand using a cutter, sharing it on SNS, or using it as part of materials. There is no need to write credits etc. However, this site is not responsible for any problems that may arise from its use.
  • All rights, including copyright, of uploaded images belong to the original image rights holder. This site does not claim any rights. Also, uploaded images will not be used for any purpose other than making paper cutouts and improving this site.
  • The operation of this site, including the conversion algorithm to black and white images, may be changed or discontinued without notice.